Terms Conditions

Exclusive Rights


Licensee is granted the worldwide, exclusive, transferable, un-restricted right to use the song project in connection with licensee’s musical compositions. The Licensee is granted rights and may synchronize song project with other visual or audio performances of Licensee choice. Rights included in this license include unlimited profit and distribution of the master (containing the song project in whole or in part). Licensee is granted unlimited distribution, reproduction, performance, video, online, and radio rights. The rights that are being granted to the Licensee are exclusive and the Licensor will have no authority and no rights to grant other parties the right to use the song project in whole or in part that is being licensed. Licensor shall not post online or advertise song project in any other forum and shall remove song project from all websites.

Non-Exclusive Rights

Licensee is granted the non-exclusive right to record and synchronize vocals and/or instruments to the Instrumental to create one new composition.  This license does not authorize use of the Instrumental in additional compositions. The Licensee must obtain an additional license from Licensor for any additional composition using the Instrumental. The Licensee shall not edit the Instrumental in any way including but not limited to changing the arrangement, removing or altering melodies, instruments, drum and rhythm programming, or sounds that are contained within the Instrumental. Licensee is limited to distributing one version of the Master Recording for profitable use without limitation, which can be distributed on any kind of recording media. Licensor retains all rights in and to the Instrumental including all rights in and to the underlying composition. Licensor may continue to sell or license the Instrumental non-exclusively and/or exclusively. Licensee shall not sell or license the rights to the Instrumental whether in whole or part to any other party. In the event Licensor sells exclusive rights to the Instrumental, Licensee shall retain non-exclusive rights subject to the terms and limitations of the signed license agreement.

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