Audio mixing is the process by which multiple sounds are combined into one or more channels. In the process, a source's volume level, frequency content, dynamics, and panoramic position are manipulated and or enhanced. This practical, aesthetic, or otherwise creative treatment is done in order to produce a finished version that is appealing to listeners.

Although many creatives mix their own music, there is a lot more to the process than generally assumed. It is also very difficult to achieve a balanced mix in an untreated room, with only one set of monitors for reference. Because of space limitations and cost, many creatives don't have access to the tools that really make a difference when it comes to mixing down a track. We have spent time and money treating our studio acoustics and investing in high end studio equipment to ensure you don't have to.



Mastering is a process that brings a mix up to a commercial level of loudness (taking into consideration the track's genre) and will generally include corrective equalization and dynamic compression in order to optimize sound translation on all playback systems.

The source material is processed using equalization, compression, limiting, noise reduction and other processes. More tasks, such as editing, pre-gapping, leveling, fading in and out, noise reduction and other signal restoration and enhancement processes can be applied as part of the mastering stage. This step prepares the music for either digital or analog replication. 

The specific medium varies, depending on the intended release format of the final product. For digital audio releases, there is more than one possible master medium, chosen based on replication factory requirements or record label security concerns. Regardless of what delivery method is chosen, the replicator will transfer the audio to a glass master that will generate metal stampers for replication.

The process of audio mastering varies depending on the specific needs of the audio to be processed. Mastering engineers examine the types of input media, the expectations of the source producer or recipient, the limitations of the end medium and process the subject accordingly. General rules of thumb can rarely be applied.

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Mixing & Mastering

Click the "Upload Files" button listed below to send us your audio files. Address the recipient to info@blinkmodeentertainment.com and list your requirements in the "message," one of our mixing engineers will assess your files and determine the scope of work. Afterwhich you will be sent a quotation to approve.

Basic Mix & Master


Up To 8 Wav Stems

- Radio-Ready Mix and Master
- Quick Turnaround

Delivery: 3-7 Business Days 

Standard Mix & Master


Up To 16 Wav Stems

- Radio-Ready Mix and Master
- Quick Turnaround

Delivery: 3-7 Business Days 

Professional Mix & Master


Up To 32 Stems

- Radio-Ready Mix & Master
- Quick Turnaround

Delivery: 3-7 Business Days 


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