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Stereo EP Master

3 to 6 Songs | 1 Revision

  • 2 hours
  • From 1,499.99 South African rand
  • Furrow Road

Service Description

Our Mastering Service is designed to elevate the overall sound quality, loudness, and consistency of your music, ensuring it’s ready for distribution across various platforms. With our skilled audio engineers and state-of-the-art mastering tools, we’ll enhance the sonic characteristics of your tracks, providing the final polish that brings your music to its full potential. Here’s what our service includes: 1. Audio Enhancement: Our experienced mastering engineers will carefully analyze and optimize the sonic elements of your tracks. We’ll apply a range of techniques, including equalization, compression, stereo enhancement, harmonic excitement, and other mastering tools. These processes will enhance the clarity, depth, and balance of your music, bringing out its finest details and ensuring it sounds its best on different playback systems. 2. Loudness Optimization: We’ll ensure that your tracks meet the desired loudness standards without sacrificing their dynamic range and musicality. By carefully controlling the peak levels and overall loudness, we’ll ensure that your music stands out in any listening environment while preserving the integrity and dynamics of the original recordings. 3. Consistency Across Tracks: Our mastering process will provide a consistent sonic character and tonal balance across all tracks in your project. This will create a cohesive listening experience for your audience, regardless of the order in which the tracks are played. Mastering Service Description: • 1 Free Revision: We want to ensure your complete satisfaction. You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback and request one revision of the mastered track at no additional cost. By choosing our Mastering Service, you can be confident that your music will receive the professional treatment it deserves. We’ll enhance the overall sound quality, loudness, and consistency, providing a polished and competitive edge to your tracks. Contact us today to discuss your mastering needs and let us take your music to the next level!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 12 hours in advance. A 50% cancellation fee will be charged for late cancellation, no-shows shall result in the forfeiting of your payment. Same day bookings cannot be cancelled.

Contact Details

  • Blink Mode Recording Studio, 22 Outeniqua, Furrow Road, Equestria, Pretoria, South Africa


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