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Our Story

We believe in a future where the creative industries are independent, where artists own their work and flourish on their terms. Our mission is simple: to empower independent creatives and level the playing field, so they can shine alongside the best in the world.

At Blink Mode Studio, we break the chains of exclusivity and redefine what it means to be a creative professional. We are the catalyst that transforms dreams into reality, making world-class production accessible to every artist, regardless of background or resources.


Step into a realm where innovation meets imagination.

studio Services




Our Studio Time Service is tailored to fuel the creative fire within artists seeking complete freedom in their artistic pursuits. If you're an artist in search of a space to bring your musical vision to life, our hourly studio bookings are designed to cater to your every need, without any constraints.

Recording, mixing, or mastering – the choice is yours.



Our Single Packages are designed to meet the needs of musicians seeking a professional touch, these packages encompass a set amount of recording hours, custom beat production (exclusive to Production Packages), and expert mixing and mastering services.




Our Album/EP Packages are tailored to elevate your creative narrative to new heights. These including a set amount of recording hours, expert mixing and mastering. However, custom beat production is exclusively reserved for our "Custom" packages.


Mixing & Mastering

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